Mower Massacre

Watching bunnies being killed is not the idea of fun. Mower Massacre though is a survival game. If you do not have the heart to kill the bunnies, a horde of bunnies will kill you. So remove the tarp cover of your lawn mower and use the arrow keys and start fighting the rabbits. You need to be alert because rabbits come from all directions. All rabbits must be killed before time runs out.

Mower Massacre is a highly entertaining game. Certainly, the player would not want to be defeated by these hopping and fast running furry creatures. As such, the game will be played over and over again until the game is mastered. Once the game is mastered player would get an unaccountable satisfaction in seeing the rabbits being torn to pieces. Simple goal, simple storyline as well simple graphics and music can very well become a game that would provide hours of enjoyable playtime.

by lawn mowing games.


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